As an industry leading miller and supplier of rice around Nigeria, Stine Industries Limited strives to serve our clients as trusted allies, providing them with the loyalty of a true business partner. It is our goal to consistently supply the highest quality of milled rice available, that meets and exceeds our customers’ standards.

“Our milling operation is strategically located for our customers’ advantage. We are situated in the Awka, Onitsha & Nnewi which are the major commercial zones in Anambra State. We have the ability to reach our customers with many different distribution options. Whether the customer is looking for trucks, flat-beds or container body, we have the means to supply their needs both timely and cost effectively.  ”

Stine Industries Limited is conveniently located in the heart of Nigeria’s rice growing region. Our ability to not only mill but also source the best rice available is unprecedented.  We work hand in hand with our outgrower farmers to ensure that we are not only fair and just to our customers but also our farming community. Without them, our job is not possible.


To preserve and enrich the legacy of rice grown and processed in Nigeria by encouraging modern farm practices and implementing world-class processing technology to emerge as the industry benchmark for product quality and customer service.


As one of the industry’s leading rice millers and exporters, Stine Industries Limited is committed to delivering precision-perfect quality to our customers; nurturing a professional work environment which fosters employee excellence, growth, and job satisfaction while continuing to build a financially strong, growth oriented company that creates value for our stakeholders.